SPECHEMO Research Group - Applied Spectroscopy & Chemometrics

Principal Investigator

Professor Mohammadreza Khanmohammadi

My principal research interests are the applications spectroscopy and chemometrics in analytical, environmental, biomedical and industrial chemistry. My overall vision is to combine statistical and mathematical based chemometric approaches with chemical analysis to develop new route for science and technology. I am also interested in investigation of nanotechnology and nowadays, my research team members have also paid a severe attention to this field as an emerging area. In recent years, I and my colleagues have focused on the spectrochemical evaluation of processes and analytes to broaden the capabilities of our research trends. On the other hand, formation of novel drug delivery systems based on nano carriers, nano bioactive materials, on-line monitoring of processes, industrial analysis troubles and catalytic process evolution analysis are some of the titles we follow in our laboratory


2013-...Professor of Chemistry, IKIU, Iran
Research Fellow, National Research Council, Canada
Associate Professor of Chemistry, IKIU, Iran
Visiting Researcher, University of Valencia, Spain
Assistant Professor of Chemistry, IKIU, Iran

Detailed CV @ IKIU personal webpage
+98 281 837 1370
Office No. 670
P.O.Box 34149-1-6818
Qazvin, Iran