SPECHEMO Research Group - Applied Spectroscopy & Chemometrics


4th Iranian Biennial Chemometrics Seminar, Shiraz, 2013
Pattern recognition for in-vivo evaluation of biochemicals: trends in biodiagnostics
Application of LS-SVM as a comparison approach in the geochemical basis evaluation of Iranian crude oil samples based on infrared spectroscopy
Origin designation of Spanish persimmon fruit by near infrared spectroscopy and chemometrics
Cardiovascular biodiagnosis by infrared spectrometry utilizing quantitative chemometric approach
Unsupervised Classification of Brain Tumors Employing 1H-MRSI

6th Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Conference (NANO-TR6), İzmir, Turkey, 2010
Chemometric approach for optimized synthesis of nano titanium oxide utilizing central composite design of experiment
Application of artificial neural networks for kinetic investigation of thermal degradation process in nanocomposites

IEEE NANO 2010-Joint Symposium with NANO KOREA, Seoul, South Korea, 2010
Near Infrared Spectrometric Analysis of Titanium Dioxide Nano Particles for Size Classification
Comparing Artificial Neural Network with Conventional Kinetic Model for Investigation of Thermal Decomposition in Nanocomposites

International Conference on Applied Science, Engineering and Technology, Singapore, 2010
Feasibility investigation of near infrared spectrometry for particle size estimation of nano structures

17th Iranian Seminar of Analytical Chemistry, Kashan, Iran, 2010
Central composite design of experiment (CCDOE) for optimized sol-gel synthesis of TiO2 nanoparticle
Infrared spectrometric monitoring of the microwave assisted synthesis of bio-based polyols using multivariate curve resolution technique
Application of diffuse reflectance near infrared spectrometry for estimation of particle size in nano TiO2
Artifical Neural Network for thermogravimetric investigation of polyimide-silica nanocomposite

36th International Symposium on Environmental Analytical Chemistry, Rome, Italy, 2010
Multivariate Curve Resolution Alternating Least Squares Assisted Determination of Formaldehyde in Industrial Waste Water by Spectrophotometry
Investigating the photocatalytic capabilities of iron oxide doped nano titanium oxide in degradation of formaldehyde
Stopped flow-FTIR spectrometric determination of metribuzin in pesticide formulations

XIII European Conference on the Spectroscopy of Biological Molecules, Palermo, Italy, 2009
Diagnostic analysis of blood samples from women with breast cancer by Fourier transform infrared
Multiway chemometric approaches for spectrophotometric analysis of creatinine in serum samples from patients with renal failure

Nanotechnology in Construction 3 (NICOM3), Prague, Czech Republic, 2009
Interpretation of Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Heavy Duty Epoxy Based Floor
Coating Doped by Nano silica

International Conference on Nanotechnology & Advanced Materials (ICNAM2009), Bahrain, 2009
Synthesis and characterization of titanium oxide – lead sulfide nano hybrid
Experimental design data processing for optimal synthesis of TiO2 nano photocatalyst

16th Iranian Seminar of Analytical Chemistry, Hamedan, Iran, 2009
Diagnosis of colon malignancy by infrared microspectroscopy and chemometrics
Infrared spectrometry and chemometrics for diagnostic investigation of serum sample for detection of kidney failure
Infrared spectrometric investigation of reaction between coconut oil and diethanolamine
Investigating the psychiatric situation of Iranian people via gas chromatographic analysis of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in their blood and chemometrics
Quantitative analysis of protein content in yogurt samples by infrared spectrometry and artificial neural networks
Quality control of apple grades by infrared spectroscopy and chemometrics
Monitoring of formaldehyde in industrial waste water by UV-Vis spectrophotometry and curve resolution
Infrared spectroscopic monitoring of sol-gel process in synthesis of PbS/TiO2 nanoparticles
Application of parallel factor analysis and multivariate curve resolution alternating least squares for quantitative determination of creatinine in human serum
UV-Vis spectrophotometric determination of L-ascorbic acid in pharmaceutical preparations utilizing MCR-ALS chemometric technique
Multivariate curve resolution – alternating least squares for UV-Vis spectrophotometric determination of vitamin B6 in pharmaceutical preparations

Colloquium Spectroscopicum Internationale XXXVI (CSI XXXVI), Budapest, Hungary, 2009
Infrared spectroscopic approach for diagnosis of cancer via analysis of blood samples and chemometric data processing
Application of infrared spectrometry and SIMCA for diagnosis of kidney damage via serum sample analysis

1st International Congress of Food Hygiene, Tehran, Iran, 2009
Fruit quality assessment by infrared spectroscopy and artificial neural network
Introducing infrared spectrometry as a useful method for chemical analysis of dairy products

4th International Breast Cancer Congress, Tehran, Iran, 2009
Application of Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and chemometrics for diagnostic analysis of blood samples from women with breast cancer

13th European Conference on Applications of Surface and Interface Analysis, Antalya, Turkey, 2009
Near Infrared Spectroscopic Surface Analysis of Pharmaceutical Preparation for Structural Quality Control
Spectroscopic Surface Analysis of A Hybrid Nanostructure to Provide the Process Monitoring Route

4th International Symposium on Recent Advances in Food Analysis, Prague, Czech Republic, 2009
Application of Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometry and Linear Discriminant Analysis for Inspection of Apple Quality
Quantitative analysis of protein in yogurt by ATR-FTIR spectroscopy and chemometrics

3rd National Conference of Nanotechnology, Shiraz, Iran, February 2008
Investigating the Effect of Nano Silica on Physical Properties of Epoxy Nanocomposites

2nd International conference on Advanced Nano Materials (ANM-2008), Aveiro, Portugal, 2008
Reinforcement of epoxy based floor coating by SiO2 nanoparticles and optimization of the physical properties by analysis of variance

11th conference on Chemometrics in Analytical Chemistry (CAC-2008), Montpellier, France, 2008
Chemometrics assisted diagnosis of malignant colon tissues by infrared microspectroscopy
Application of chemometrics and FT-NIR spectroscopy in qualitative analysis of pharmaceutical preparations

The 1st International Conference on Nano manufacturing (nanoMan2008), Singapore, 2008
Preparation, thermophysical characterization and optimization of epoxy floor coating reinforced by nano silica utilizing analysis of variance

XII National Chemistry Congress, Magusa, Cyprus, 2008
Infrared Spectroscopy and Linear Discriminant Analysis of Normal and Colorectal Cancer Tissues: A New Diagnostic Technique
Qualitative Analysis of Polymorphism in Pharmaceutical Preparations by Near Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy and Chemometric Data Processing
Kinetic Determination of Residual Acetaldehyde in Ethanol by Spectrophotometry
ATR-FTIR Spectrometric Investigation of Biodegradable Drug Delivery Systems in Betamethasone Release

20th Meeting of The European Association for Cancer Research, Lyon, France, 2008
Application of infrared microspectroscopy and chemometrics for diagnosis of colon cancer

The Second Iranian Congress of Breast Cancer, Tehran, Iran, 2007
Novel spectral method for discrimination between normal and breast cancer blood

15th Iranian seminar of analytical chemistry, Shiraz, Iran, 2007
Investigating some effect parameters in betametasone release rate from in situ forming biodegradable drug delivery system by ATR-FTIR spectroscopy
Determination of Sulfamethoxazole (SMX) and Trimethoprim (TMP) by ATR-FTIR spectroscopy
Investigating the paracetamol polymorphs by FT-NIR and cluster analysis
Application of stopped flow FTIR spectrometry to the determination of Metribuzin
Kinetics spectrophotometric determination of acetaldehyde in medical ethanol
Solid phase preconcentration and FTIR determination of Methidathion in water sample

12th Asian Chemical Congress, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2007
Quantitative Determination of Naltrexone by Attenuated Total Reflectance - FTIR Spectrometry Utilizing Partial Least Squares Wavelength Selection Technique
Application of Attenuated Total Reflectance Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometry (ATR-FTIR) and Partial Least Squares (PLS) for Quality Control of Washing Powders in Detergent Industry
The Investigation of the Effect of vitamin E in menopause and determination of Vitamin E in tablet, capsule, olive and sunflower oil by PLS-ATR-FTIR spectrometry

AC & CA – 05, Seoul, Korea, 2005
Determination of nutritional parameters of yoghurt samples through PLS/ATR-FTIR Spectrometry

14th Iranian seminar of analytical chemistry, Birjand, Iran, 2005
Isolation of the volatile oil from leaves of male Juniperus Chinensis cultivated in Isfahan and separation and identification of its components
Pesticide analysis: separation and determination of Diazinon, Phosalone and 2,4- D by RP-HPLC

11as jornadas de analisi instrumental, Barcelona, Spain, 2005
Study of experimental conditions for the on-line pre-concentration and elution of pesticides in water samples measured by FTIR spectrometry

13th Iranian seminar of analytical chemistry, Mashhad, Iran 2004
ATR-FTIR detection of naltrexone in pharmaceuticals
Simultaneous determination of sodium sulfate and sodium tripolyphosphate in washing powder by H-point standard addition method
Simultaneous determination of fatty alcohol ethoxylate and LABS in liquid detergents by ATR-FTIR spectrometry
PLS1-ATR-FTIR detection of paraquat in aqueous sample
Simultaneous determination of linear alkylbenzensulfonate and diethanol amine in liquid dishwashing detergent by ATR-FTIR spectrometry
Simultaneous determination of sodium sulfate, sodium tripolyphasphate and sodium perborate in machine-washing pwder by ATR-FTIR spectrometry
Introduction to FTIR microspectroscopy in analytical chemistry
Simultaneous determination of sodium perborate and sodium percarbonate by ATR-FTIR spectrometry in washing powder detergent
Determination of vitamin C by using ATR-FTIR/PLS1 spectrometry
Application of FTIR to investigation of environmental pollution by organophosphorus pesticides
Determination of disodium terephthalate in hot aqueous sample by using ATR-FTIr/PLS1 spectrometry
Vapour phase FTIR spectrometric determination of sodium carbonate

XVIII Ulusal Kimya Kongresi Kars, Turkey, 2004
FTIR spectrometric determination of tetra acetyl ethylene diamine in laundry powder
Simultaneous determination of sodium perborate and sodium percarbonate by ATR-FTIR spectrometry

2nd national seminar on chemistry and environment Isfahan, Iran, 2004
Multivariate analysis of sodium percarbonate to environmentally friendly oxidizing agent

12th Iranian seminar of analytical chemistry, Babolsar, Iran, 2003.
Direct determination of vitamine E in tablet, capsule and olive oil by FTIR spectrometry
Determination of tetra acetyl ethylene diamine in washing powder
Investigation of the monosacharides concentration in grape by FTIR spectrometry during berry development changes
Simultaneous determination of levodopa and carbidopa in levodopa-carbidopa tablet by FTIR spectrometry
Simultaneous determination of sodium tripoly phosphate, sodium silicate and sodium sulphate on washing powder by FTIR spectrometry
Solid phase extraction, HPLC separation and determination of some heavy metal ions

4th conference of industries and mines R&D, Iran, 2003.
Quantitative determination of sodium silicate in washing powder by FTIR spectrometry
Determination of STPP in washing powder
Determination of sodium sulfate content of washing powder
Factors affecting the stability of label on containers
Designing the mixer for suspension mixtures

11th Iranian seminar of analytical chemistry, Yazd, Iran, 2002
Direct determination of cephalosporin C in complex fermentation broths by ATR-FTIR spectrometry
Separation and determination of Dimethoate by solid phase extraction and FTIR spectrometry
FTIR spectrometry for qualitative and quantitative analysis of fructose and glucose in variety of grapes and soft drinks
Simultaneous determination of triamterene and hydrochlorothiazide in triamterene-H capsule by derivative FTIR spectrometry
Simultaneous determination of paracetamol and methocarbamol in phamaceutical formulations using FTIR spectrometry

Chemistry congress of Islamic azad university, Tehran, Iran, 2000
Quantitative determination of polyisocyanate and guanidine carbonate by PLS/ATR-FTIR spectrometry
Quantitative determination of tri-oxiflorochromate (VI) in aqueous solution in presence of chrome trioxide by ATR-FTIR
Simultaneous determination of sodium carbonate and sodium hydrogene carbonate by FT-IR

9th Iranian chemsitry and chemical engineering congress, Tehran, Iran, 1999.
Determination of mercury, lead and cadmium in vegetables produced in the south of Tehran

9th Iranian seminar of analytical chemistry, Tabriz, Iran, 1999
Quantitative determination of thiourea in aqueous solution by ATR-FTIR spectrometry