SPECHEMO Research Group - Applied Spectroscopy & Chemometrics

Research Topics

SPECHEMO research group follow interdisciplinary investigations by which, different scientific fields such as analytical and environmental chemistry, practical chemical engineering, nano science, biomedical evaluations and pharmaceutical developments with the overall aim of providing new ideas of significant industrial and scientific interest. 

These activities all involve understanding the chemical structure details and probable changes of the analyte during the process time. The research group uses different types of spectroscopy to study the chemical, industrial, pharmaceutical and biological samples. We are interested in revealing the chemical characteristics and process mechanism by interpretation of spectral data. Our experimental procedure involves application of spectrochemical analysis for development of new approaches that can be used to follow the desired target. Currently the most broadly applicable tools in our group are UV-visible, infrared, nuclear magnetic resonance and atomic spectroscopic techniques, which we use to capture information on structure and characterize structural variations. We try to deduce the practical outcome of spectroscopic analysis which are relevant to the aim of research followed by our experiments, to build broadly applicable models. Experiments are complemented by chemometric data processing to extract the most useful information and precede the knowledge aspects. Multidisciplinary collaborations with scientists and researcher from academic media, industry, private and public institutions play a key role in our research activities.

The main research topics in SPECHEMO are:

Spectrochemical Analysis

Applied Chemometrics & Chemoinformatics

Nano Chemistry